Preventative Treatment

Being healthy is a lifelong journey. Taking a proactive approach to caring for your teeth helps to ensure you are on the right track. At each stage of life, there are different risk factors to consider. That’s why we assess and treat you based on your individual needs at every stage.


  • Counsel parents on early oral hygiene
  • Evaluate fluoride intake to ensure optimum benefits without harm
  • Observe proper sequence as new teeth appear


  • Provide positive early experiences so that each child loves his/her dental visits
  • Teach children proper home care through personalized instruction
  • Identify plaque and decay trends
  • Evaluate tooth position and jaw growth to optimize timing of potential orthodontic care
  • Place sealants when appropriate to help prevent decay on chewing surfaces of teeth
  • Identify the proper formulation of fluoride to maximize the cavity-fighting benefit
  • Provide recommendations for home fluoride treatments


  • Establish lifetime oral health habits
  • Review diet, especially the growing threat from increased soda consumption
  • Utilize targeted fluoride therapy when enamel is most cavity prone
  • Maintain oral hygiene, especially during orthodontic care

Healthy Adults

  • Discuss aesthetic concerns
  • Monitor overall oral health to head off preventable problems
  • Assess tooth wear
  • Assess condition of previous dental work
  • Evaluate periodic tooth sensitivity

adult2High-risk Adults

  • Assess gum disease severity
  • Slow disease progression
  • Determine how overall health is related to dental health
  • Prescribe tooth/site specific therapy
  • Reinforce weak teeth before they break or cause pain


  • Assess effects of: tooth wear, tooth loss, medications
  • Restore natural chewing
  • Enhance aesthetics
  • Maintain tooth health in order to help seniors protect their overall health
    (note: studies have shown a correlation between oral health and overall health)

Through careful assessment and varying methods of prevention and treatment, we’re able to guide you toward continued good health.

elderlycoupleSealants and Fluoride Treatments

  • Sealants keep bacteria out of the grooves of teeth where cavities often start
  • Sealants do not require anesthetic and are “painted” on in a single visit
  • In-office fluoride foam or gel lowers risk for cavities in moderate-risk children and adults
  • Fluoride varnish, anti-bacterial rinses and prescription strength fluoride home gels stop cavities from progressing in high-risk children and adults

Tooth Wear and Fracture Analysis

  • Our unique tooth wear and fracture analysis will identify, at the earliest stage, who is at risk for potentially serious and expensive dental breakdown.
  • Common causes of excessive tooth wear include: Nighttime or daytime habitual tooth clenching and grinding; Excessive consumption of acidic foods and/or beverages such as soda, juice, citrus fruit and wine; A bite pattern that is unstable; Environmental or occupational exposure to dust or grit
  • Common causes of tooth fracture include: Clenching and grinding of teeth, Accidental trauma, Excessive chewing of ice or hard foods, Chewing on teeth that have been weakened by large fillings

Gum Disease Assessment

The thorough gum disease assessment that we perform at each preventive visit is vital to your health. There are growing concerns about how gum disease is linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and low birth weight babies. Our approach helps ensure that signs of gum disease are caught at an early stage and treated appropriately. At each visit we will:

  • Check gum levels by measuring gum attachment
  • Inspect x-rays for unfavorable change
  • Monitor receding gums

Diet Assessment

The affect that diet has on our teeth is sometimes overlooked. The acidity in everyday foods and beverages may be far more harmful for some people than they think. Diet affects:

  • Amount of tooth decay
  • Susceptibility to gum disease
  • Severity of tooth wear and fracture

We routinely assess diet and how it affects your personal dental health and risk profile.

Digital X-ray

Our practice has implemented a fully filmless digital x-ray system. Digital x-ray has three major advantages over the conventional, film-based images:

  • Lower radiation for safe, routine use
  • Increased speed to help make your appointments more efficient
  • Diagnostic enhancements to provide our staff with more detail to clearly identify problem areas and help us determine the most appropriate treatment strategy

We are excited to provide you with the benefits that this emerging technology allows.