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Recommended Care

Recommended Care

Recommended dental care for all ages

Orchard Dental Group welcomes patients of all ages. Preventive care begins in infancy, and every year there are different risk factors and care options to consider. Your personal dentistry path at Orchard Dental Group begins with an initial assessment of your current and developing needs.

Dental care for Infants

Starting early

It’s important to practice good oral hygiene, even before baby teeth emerge. We’ll welcome your new baby with a gentle visit that sets the stage for a happy, healthy relationship with the dentist.

  • Evaluate fluoride intake to make sure the infant is getting the benefits without harm
  • Observe the sequence as new teeth appear
  • Discuss tooth-friendly bottle habits and nutrition

Dental care for Children

Building good habits

We’ll help your child develop a love for the dentist by providing positive early experiences. We’ll teach your child proper at-home practices that will help strengthen teeth and prevent decay.

  • Identify and note any plaque and decay trends
  • Evaluate tooth position and jaw growth to optimize the timing of potential orthodontic care
  • Apply sealants and fluoride treatments to maximize cavity-fighting benefits

Dental care for Adolescents

Staying on track

At a time when it may feel like like all good habits seem to be lost, we’ll keep our relationship with your child positive. And we’ll keep reinforcing the importance of good oral health habits.

  • Review diet, discuss the risks of excessive soda consumption
  • Apply targeted fluoride therapy where enamel is most cavity prone
  • Stress the importance of regular check-ups, especially during orthodontic care

Dental care for Healthy Adults

Continuing oral wellness

Regular check-ups are important to keeping your smile attractive and healthy. We can address aesthetic flaws that may be embarrassing to you, and monitor overall oral health to head off preventable problems.

  • Assess tooth wear
  • Evaluate the condition of previous dental work
  • Evaluate periodic tooth sensitivity and look for underlying causes

Dental care for High-risk Adults

Addressing problems early

If you or a loved one are experiencing health issues, please stay in touch. We’re here to help. We can look at how a patient’s overall health is affecting their dental health (and vice-versa).

  • Look for gum disease and assess its severity
  • Apply necessary treatments to help slow the progression of gum disease
  • Prescribe tooth or site-specific therapy
  • Reinforce weak teeth before they become painful or break

Dental care for Seniors

Protecting health and looking good

Maintaining tooth health is important to protecting overall health and maintaining proper nutrition. At any age, an attractive smile can help everyone stay engaged and keep a positive outlook on life.

  • Assess the effects of tooth wear, tooth loss, and medications
  • Restore natural chewing capabilities
  • Enhance aesthetics to keep the patient’s smile looking good!