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Bondings and Veneers

Bondings and Veneers

Visually improve your smile with re-enamaling

If you don’t like the appearance of your front teeth, bonding and veneers are conservative, non-intrusive procedures that can beautifully solve an array of aesthetic smile imperfections. Severe tooth discoloration and minor gapping or crowding can typically be improved during a single (or a few) simple and pain-free visits to Orchard Dental Group. The end result is a smile that looks healthy and natural—like your own teeth, only better.

If you want to dramatically change the shape or color of a tooth or group of teeth, veneers can provide the cosmetic improvement you desire. A veneer is a porcelain overlay that covers the entire front face of the tooth.

Teeth that have been worn down by grinding and chipped teeth can be visually repaired with bonding, a procedure that acts like a natural-colored filling to replace the missing tooth structure.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the doctors at Orchard Dental study all the options to bring the latest and greatest technologies and materials into the Orchard Dental practice.

Cosmetic dentistry using bonding and veneers can improve your smile immediately.

– Dr. Kauls