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Bridges and Dentures

Bridges and Dentures

Replace missing teeth without implants

If you’re experiencing loose teeth, missing teeth or a broken tooth, Orchard Dental will develop an effective treatment plan that works for you. Ultimately, that may include determining your optimal tooth replacement method. Dental implants are typically the preferred option today. Bridges and dentures may be considered, as well. Under the right circumstances, a partial denture may enable you to keep some of your natural teeth.
Sometimes, dentures or bridges may be suggested as a temporary solution. For other patients, these methods are matter of personal choice. Some people simply prefer bridges and dentures because they are cost-effective and non-invasive alternatives to implants. Based on a thorough evaluation, Orchard dentists will assess your situation, discuss the options with you, and then respectfully help you decide how to proceed with treatment. If you choose a bridge or dentures, our dental professionals will ensure you receive the best performing, most natural-looking appearance and fit.

We believe all patients should have a say in their dental care. At Orchard, we’ll help you understand your options, and then move forward professionally with a treatment plan that respects your wishes.

– Dr. Kauls