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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Repair broken teeth and replace large metal fillings

Dental crowns have both restorative and cosmetic applications. They are the most common treatment for broken teeth, broken fillings, large fillings and cracked teeth, and they may be necessary after a root canal. The crowns of today are not the same as your grandparents’ crowns. Current techniques and materials have eliminated the unnatural-looking, telltale dark slice of gum line that used to be visible around older crowns. Today’s crowns are virtually unnoticeable. As a result, they are also being used to strengthen and reinforce weak front teeth.
At Orchard Dental, our dentists use state-of-the art techniques to ensure you get the best possible results. Our careful process for ensuring beautiful, natural-looking restorations includes professional photography using special cameras, and frequent conversations with the dental lab.

We understand: Getting a crown has been a notoriously long, messy and uncomfortable procedure. The team at Orchard Dental strives to make it all better. You can wrap up in a blanket and watch a movie, and enjoy a relaxing paraffin hand dip. With a little TLC, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the time passes.

We strive to make getting a dental crown a more pleasant experience by giving our patients the royal treatment.

– Dr. Kauls

Cerec® Crowns—get a permanent tooth repair in one visit

CEREC® is a truly amazing advancement. Now we have the ability to computer-design and fabricate tooth-colored ceramic restorations in a single visit, using computer software and robotic milling hardware that are located right here in the Orchard Dental office. Natural-looking CEREC restorations are becoming the treatment of choice for large filling replacements and broken teeth.

Dr. Kauls and Dr. Dierking are certified CEREC providers.